Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flint Hills, Kansas

Early in the morning my brother and I will leave.
We are going to the Flint Hills for sunrise.
I found this photo taken by someone else.
I hope I can do as well.
I hope I too can capture the beauty of the Flint Hills.
We will visit my Aunt in Wichita, Kansas.
I hope someday I can be as gracious as her.


Mary said...

Have a wonderful trip, Sherry. I know you will come back with lots of eye candy :o)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
My brother and I have lots of fun traveling to see our aunt. Adding in the Flint Hills is extra special! It is kind of my brother to be supportive of my photography.
I hope I am able to get some good photos. The landscape is beautiful.
You have a great trip too.

Q said...

Hello Dr. Bill,
I would be honored to link Kansas Flint Hills! I will do so when I post my photos.
I also will look for the National Geographic's April issue.
I am hoping to take some landscape photos. I am new to landscape and I think the Flint Hills will be the perfect place to begin my study of this type of photography.

Sprite said...



Have a wondrous trip to the Flint Hills, take lots of pretty pictures, and have a fantastic time with your Brother and your Aunt.

It's awesome to hear that your brother and yourself are going together to watch the sunrise in the Flint Hills. It must be such a blessing to feel supported by a family member in your photographic art. I love that!

I am so excited to see what you capture during your journey.


Chrissie said...

Sherry, your photo never fail to inspire! Have a wonderfult time.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know you will enjoy Kansas. A dear friend of mine is from Chanute, Kansas.

I will look forward to your photos. Your photos are always beautiful. You have a way with the camera and a marvelous way of bringing your readers into your experience with so few words. It is almost like reading Haiku, which always transports me.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I enjoyed being in the Flint Hills. I do want to go back and take more photos. The light was divine! I would like to sit for a spell in the prairie grasses and feel the wind blow through the bluestem.
We did stop many times. My brother was so kind to "see" and "spot" and "stop" when ever I wanted to. My brother brought along music! He had cds of different Kansan musicians. We stopped in Cottonwood Springs for a bite to eat and so I could get some cds.
I am learning about the Flint Hills and the prairie.
The highlight of our trip was seeing our Aunt. She will be 90 years old in November! She is sharp and in great health. Being with her is being wrapped in the arms of graciousness. She was born and raised on the prairie as was my father. I come from prairie people. I come from people of the wind.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you. The Earth is beautiful where ever we are. Finding that beauty is what we do!
I enjoyed every minute on our road trip. I enjoyed this special time of traveling through the Flint Hills and visiting with my brother.
Being with my aunt is "heaven on earth"! She is my role model.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you. Your support means much to me. My daughter taught me to use as few words as possible.
She is a poet.
I have never been trained in photography or poetry. I see a photograph and I feel deeply. They seem to go together nicely.
I always hope a post will bring some inner joy to those who come and visit.
Thank you again for your kindness.