Tuesday, September 25, 2007

After the rain

The temperatures dropped
after the morning rain.
I put on a sweater and went outside.

I looked for Mockingbird.
I have not seen him for over a month.
I miss him.

I was able to sit on the deck again.
I had my afternoon tea with the birds.
No butterflies today to distract me.

They are not sure of me.

With the cooler temperatures of Autumn
I can spend time with them.

We can get to know each other again.


Mary said...

I shouldn't overlook cardinals and mourning doves. They are absolutely delightful birds and very pretty.

Mary said...

Want some Mockingbirds? Come to North Carolina and pack some up and take them home with you.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I saw Mockingbird this afternoon!
He flew into the Dogwood. Did not come to the feeders but at least I know he is about. I do like him....
Your Mockingbirds would not like the mid-west too many tornadoes.
The birds were rather skittish of me yesterday. In the summer I do not sit outside with them all day as it is too hot! I fill the feeders and the bird baths and maybe have a morning cup of coffee on the deck but than I seek the ac.
If I do go outside in the heat I am chasing butterflies!

Sprite said...



I love the bird photographs! They are so beautiful, and they warm my heart.

Love you,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
My husband keeps telling me to take more bird photos. I seem to be butterfly smitten. "Come winter", I tell him, "all I will have is birds and weather events!"
Glad you enjoyed the birds.
I did too....