Sunday, September 23, 2007


To celebrate the first day of Autumn
we went to the Cider Mill.
The cider is made from
locally grown apples.
We bought apples, cider, apple butter
and apple pancake mix.
The apple donuts we ate in the car.
It is apple festival time.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I'm doing that tommmorow. Apple pie here we come. Isn't fun to go get apples and all the goodies that go with them? xo nita

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Going apple-ing is very fun!
We will have apples now through winter. We have lots of local orchards and I do try to buy as much as I can local.
We had lots of fun.
Apple cores are very nice for the birds and squirrels and butterflies!
Hope you also enjoy an apple feast!

Anonymous said...

love all the apple things this time of the year! Thanks!

Susie Q said...

Oh how we love the apples of Fall! That was an apple festival that we visited today! Bill picked up lots of apples and we got a jog of cider, then we all shared a caramel apple. Yum.

Love all your photos and your tributes to this glorious season!


Sheila said...

Farm markets and orchards are magnets for me at this time of year.
The sights and smells of Autumn are wonderful. I love your photos.

Deb said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!
Apples in Autumn ...yum

Mary said...

We used to visit a place like that in Maryland every Autumn. We came home with everything "apple". I do remember lots of bees there, however.

I haven't had apple butter in years!

Mary said...

My fav is McIntosh. It's tart and sweet.

smilnsigh said...

Our children and grandchildren went picking apples. And we now have our bag, which is a very loud hint, for an Apple Pie. :-)

We each had an apple to eat, when we ourselves returned from a lovely ride in the country side.


Chrissie said...

Hi Sherry. I've just filled a dozen jam jars with apple sauce:-) All that peeling! Your apple rack is really unusual, have you adapted it or was it bought for that purpose:-)

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
I decorate my September house with the apple motif! I like to get to the Cider Mill the first of September. Being gone on vacation put me behind a few weeks. No worries as they had plenty of apples! I am fixing apple sandwiches now with a humus spread.

Q said...

Hi Sue,
The apple festival you went to looked to be so much fun! Years ago we went to an apple festival that had a parade and venders selling all sorts of Autumn related crafts. I bought a large apple basket.It is in my entry every September. Since my house is full of items now I try only to buy consumable goodies!
Apples! Fruit of Autumn.

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
I too enjoy the open air markets in Autumn. Perhaps because the air is cooler and the colors of the Autumn produce is so vibrant.
It is a beautiful time of the year.
I am looking forward to wearing a sweater again!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Apples!!! I want some of each.
Tonight I am making apple waffles for supper.
Yumm is right!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I like bees!!
I had apple butter on my toast this morning...
My favorite apple? Hummm most likely it would be what ever apple I was eating at the moment. I like them all..McIntoch are very good.
I have read books on the history of the apple and all the different varieties. I visited an orchard in Iowa, a few years ago, that specialized in the old heirlooms.
One year I studied apples..


Q said...

Dear Chris,
Wow! Lots of work but so rewarding!
I used to have an apple tree in the back yard before an ice storm uprotted it. One year it produced so many apples that I made apple sauce too. My father had an old apple peeler and corer that made the job easier but still lots of work. That same year I did dried apples and made wreaths as gifts.
The apple tree stand is old. I bought it "old" years ago. I like it because it is small. I think it is from the 1940's. Not an antique yet. I only use it in September.
The small Johnathans and Lady Apples fit nicely in it.
Happy apple-ing!

Q said...

Hi Mari-Nanci,
I remember taking the kids to pick apples. Always fun.
Now is the perfect time for counrty drives. Have your leaves begun to turn? Ours are just beginning.
I will want to do a "Leaf Peeking" drive in October.
Now that the apples are ripe I will do my "apple a day"!
Stay well,

Sprite said...


Oh I just adore hearing all the wonderful stories about apples and picking, and going to get cider. Yum yum.

My favorite Jelly my precious mom made for me when I was young was cinnamon crab apple. The smell of it simmering was something I was bound to never forget.

We celebrated the first day of Autumn by having Dutch Apple Pie. It was delicious!

I can feel my heart beating just a bit happier these days as the cooler weather sets in. I do love the story telling.

Happy Autumn to all.



Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Yummm, Dutch Apple Pie! Crab Apple jelly sounds even better....
I have been having apple butter on my morning toast..
I too am enjoying all the apple stories.
Apples, fruit of the Goddess!