Sunday, October 14, 2007

The American Coot

We watched huge flocks of
The American Coot.
These birds are not ducks they are in the Rail family.
They do not have webbed feet.
These Coots are migrating.
It is Autumn.


Anonymous said...

Coots are so funny to watch and you captured them perfectly! Great shots my friend!

Mary C said...

Coots are so common around here. I get to see them all year long, but they are always fun to watch.

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
I like the white beaks! They are so skittish...
My husband and I took two cameras on our hike and had lots of fun seeing each other's photos.
There is a tower in the Reserve, we want to set up a tripod and see what we can do. There were lots of Blue Herons and we saw a Green Heron! Other ducks and water fowl just too far away to photograph hand held. Birds in flight are fun too!

Q said...

Hi Mary C,
I live in the city! Seeing Coots and other water fowl is exciting!
I think I need a Water Fowl field guide! We saw lots I can not id.

Anonymous said...


I also do not have web feet. Thanks for the web assist. The game was only about 15 minutes away.

Thanks again. Love, Bro

Sprite said...


I have never seen or heard of a Coot. They are unusual looking birds. I would have thought they were ducks.


Q said...

Hello my brother!
My goodness!!
One of my favorite parts of my body is my webbing. The opposable thumb, what a brilliant idea.
You are welcome. Glad I could help out. Were you able to do any recycling today? Maybe you found a source to buy recycled products?

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I love the Coot! It is grand that they are common in the Northeast, Mid-west and West! I read they were Rails, not ducks!
Always nice to learn a bit more about the wildlife.