Monday, October 01, 2007

Orange and Black

I am studying orange and black.
I watched the Large Milkweed Bug
and the nymphs.
I am looking at the patterns of nature
and the different shades of orange.

Today I am wearing orange and black.
It is my activity for October first.


Anonymous said...

Love these shots and more so the monarch picture! I need to start watching for my last monarch of the year. Temps should be around the 70'd this week so they should still be moving south!

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
Still warm here too in the afternoons. I noticed the Monarchs are feeding at daybreak! This morning it was 52 degrees out and I saw 4 feeding in the zinnias.
I am keeping an eye on the Milkweed bugs!
While I drive about I see the Monarchs flying over the highways.
We have had perfect weather for migration.
No hummers today. I think they have gone.
I also will keep tract of my last Monarch. We could compare notes as I am a bit south of you.

Sprite said...


Love the orange and black! Bugs, Butterflies and Beautiful Orange Flowers.

I'm in the October mood, thank you.

Happy October Ghoulfriend~


Hehe *sprite

Q said...

"BOO!" Sprite,
Boil, bubble, toil and trouble!!!
My house is getting her October dress on. All sorts of oranges and blacks and greens and browns and yellows and..and..and...
It is fun to see nature also in her Autumn dress.
It is beautiful outside.
Yeah! October is here.
Sherry, Witchy Woman and ghoulfriend to all....LOL!

Mary said...

Witchy Woman! LOL!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Bring your besome, we will fly together! I am stirring up all sorts of October fun.