Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank You Buckeye!

By noon
the temperatures were in the 60's.
I am finishing my natural history
of Kansas book.
I am warm in the sun
on the deck with the birds.

A Buckeye took me away
from all of that.

I love it when I am carried away.
I love being over the rainbow.
I love being in the autumn mist
in a land called Honah Lee!


Anonymous said...

Love the buckeye photos and also the Sharp-shinned Hawk in previous post!

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Thank you, thank you!
I can't wait to tell my husband. We have been debating this id for so long! Last year this Hawk hunted my back yard all winter. I never was able to decide which one he was, Cooper's or Sharp-shinned.
I hoped these photos would be a for sure since I was able to get such great tail feathers. We looked and looked in the field guides and were not certain. Since Cooper's are more common in our area we figured it must be a Cooper's.
So nice of you to help me out with ids. I often cannot even find my bird in a field guide. Thank you again!

Mary said...

Oh, Sherry, Thank You for making me laugh before bedtime. You are blessed with Buckeyes.

My favorite hawk is the Red-Shouldered and I see them in Maryland. Wish me luck this weekend!

I understand "I love it when I am carried away." Me, too!

Anonymous said...

With the way blogger makes you comment on the page that you can't see the original photo, I just guessed that it was a Sharpy! Looking closer at the photo, this bird is a Coopers Hawk without a doubt! The dead giveaway is the side view of the bird and shows thin dark streaks compared to the think brown streaks of the sharpy! Sorry for your confusion!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your friend the buckeye is lovely. It seems late in the year for them to me. That makes you very lucky in my book. Happy Day.

Sprite said...




PAT said...

Beautiful Buckeye!

Amazing look at the Hawk! I am loving this autumn, as usual.


Karen Owen said...

Love the buckeye! It's amazing how you capture these breathtaking moments.


regina barnett said...

Love the photos of the beautiful buckeye butterfly. very nice photos. The hawk is beautiful. Only thing i don't like about them is that they prey on small dogs and cats. i know people that has gotten their beloved pets tooken away from them, by the hawks.

Deb said...

Buckeye was a wonderful distraction. You captured his beauty perfectly.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Sherry, beautiful butterfly. xoxo Nita

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Some where over the rainbow...
in the land of Honah Lee!!
Glad you were tickled.
Buckeyes are so pretty. My butterfly days are almost over for 2007. Once the frost comes I might see one or two on the fruit but for the most part they have gone south.
You will have a fun weekend. "Hi" to your Dad, hugs to you and safe travel.

Q said...

Hi Mon@ark,
No worries. I think these two Hawks are very hard to tell apart. I was so close and still I was not sure.
Cooper's it is.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
It is late in the year for butterflies. I think as long as I have flowers I will a few. Buckeyes are very pretty.
Any day in late October I see a butterfly is a very Happy Day.
I do love the butterflies.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I easily can go far, far away on butterfly wings!

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Hawks, butterflies, mums. leaves...
crisp mornings, I too love Autumn.

Q said...

Dear Karen,
I keep an eye out for the butterflies. I noticed today I kept wondering was that a leaf or a butterfly! Leaves mostly.
I did get a few bird photos this afternoon but it is the butterflies that get me all excited.

Q said...

Hi Reginia,
I have heard stories about Hawks getting cats! Hawks do not know they are beloved pets.
I like the hawks. I am always amazed by the way they fly and hunt.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
The Buckeye is my husband's favorite butterfly. Whenever I see one I think of him. Butterflies and birds easily can take me away.
As do sunrises and sunsets and the Moon...oh the moon! I can lay on the deck and watch the stars for too many hours. It doesn't take too much to carry me away.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Thank you!
I like the October colors too!