Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time to read

My Mother-in-law sent
The Forest Lover
as a gift.

Susan Vreeland tells the story of Emily Carr,
the legendary painter from British Columbia, Canada.
It is a historical novel.
Emily Carr's paintings are amazing.

I finished the book while the butterflies fed.
I had left the camera inside.
I just wanted to read.
No distractions.

I thought about Emily Carr while I
put clean sheets on the bed.
I thought about my passion
while I hung clean towels.

I grabbed my camera.
Maybe the Monarchs would still be out in the zinnias.
Maybe there would be ripe tomatoes for supper.
Maybe I too can follow my passion.

I also see spirit.
It is in the forest and in my backyard.


Tumblewords: said...

A nice post - haven't read The Forest Lover yet, but I'll add it to my to-do list. My bookcase is overflowing and still... Your review of the book is very clever.

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

Emily Carr has a bit of a feel to her art similar to the late Thomas Hart Benton, a native of Missouri. Her lines seem to be very fluid. They were contemporaries, I wonder if they knew each other?

The colors of your photos are so rich and beautiful. I adore the soft pink and green butterfly, is that a Sulphur?

Of course, the tomato looks splendid!

Following one's passion, hmmm... I want to think about that, it sounds like something we can easily forget to do.

Beautiful day to you, my friend.

L~ sprite

Barbara said...

You're lucky to be able to take still pictures of all the beautiful butterflies. Here they have already gone and the first frost will come tomorrow....
Have a nice weekend, with a lot of butterflies to visit your garden!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you. It is a marvelous read. I normally read non-fiction. Once in awhile I do read a novel I would recommend, this is one of them. I would like to find a biography of Emily Carr. I need to go back to Victoria and see her paintings and the places she painted. I know now it would be a good idea to do more research before traveling!
I think you will also enjoy Emily Carr's paintings.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I have a limited knowledge of art.
From reading this novel I do not think Emily Carr knew Thomas Hart Benton. They do paint in a similiar style. She is compared to
Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo.
It does happen, as we become involved in day to day living, we forget or give up our passion. Life requires money and often it takes all of our time and energy to make enough to live on. If we can keep a corner in our lives open, to be who we are, maybe our passion will survive the mundane.
I am grateful I found my passion in photography.
Yes, our sweet orange/yellow butterfly that looks pink and green is an Orange Sulphur. Here she is softened by the light.

Tonight we will have tomato sandwiches... Lots more are on the vines. If I could have a garden tomato sandwich for Thanksgiving dinner I would be so very pleased.
They are a divine passion of mine.
Sherry, who lives her passion even if it is only a tomato sandwich.

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
Frost for you means your gardens will be resting now. After frost I always have lots to do! I leave some seed heads for winter seed for the birds and some for perching. Others I cut back.
Our leaves are just beginning to turn so it will be a few weeks before we will want to gather leaves for compositing.
Thank you for butterfly wishes. I too hope this weekend has butterflies. I enjoy them very much.

Anonymous said...

I tried reading The Forest Lover twice and just couldn't get into it. Actually you should read her journals next.

Hundreds and Thousands: The Autobiography of Emily Carr

That I have at home throughly enjoy it. I did read one good bio on her but I would have to look for title.

Catherine said...

Fantastic post!
Lovely pic's as alway's..and beautifully written!!~And the Forest Lover sound's like a wonderful book!!

Anonymous said...

I am always distracted when reading! Love the photos!

Mary said...

I like non-fiction, too. Emily Carr sounds wonderful, Sherry.

I'm glad you had a reflective day with butterflies and no distractions, even though you worked with linens.

Sounds like heaven to me.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Thank you for the suggestion. I will see if my library has, "Hundreds and Thousands: the Autobiography of Emily Carr". If her writing is anything like her painting it should be an excellent read. I like Autobiographies.
With winter coming I hope to have lots of reading time.

Q said...

Dear Cat,
Thank you. Once I start a novel it is hard for me to do much else. I had saved the last chapter to read in the woods this morning but I could not find a dry spot to sit and read. I came home to my deck and finished my book. I enjoyed it.
I did have chores to do and as I was doing them I realized I could do chores after dark. Butterflies will be gone soon. I was so happy I went outside and left the sheets and towels until later. A storm blew in and I was back inside while it rained. Butterflies were enjoyed and the linens were taken care of.

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Today there were five Monarchs all looking fresh and ready to travel.
I am keeping a log on the Monarchs so I know the last day I see them.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
If you get a chance to look at her painting I think you will be impressed. Her style is vivid and fluid. She seems to "see" the spirit of the trees and the totems.
I understand the paintings. I "see" the spirit in the birds and butterflies. I always hope that comes across in the photos.
I know your reading time is limited maybe this is on audio. One of my friends who loves to read but has little time listens to the audio books to and from work.
I like audio books too. It is nice to be read to!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Sherry, lovely photos. xoxo nita

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Thank you.
I was not going to take photos. I had spent my photo time reading. When I realized I could do sheets and towels later I zoomed outside!
Thank goodness the butterflies had stayed. I know I have chores to do but I want to honor my passion.

Eleanor said...


Emily Carr is one of my favorite painters and she is one of my favorite authors too - her book Klee Wyck is a group of short stories she wrote while painting in the forests and Indian villages of British Columbia. They had a retrospective of her art in Vancouver last winter that I saw.

I am enjoying all your photos and will spend some time this weekend getting caught up with your weekly montages. Thanks so much.

Q said...

Dear Eleanor,
Your name is beautiful!
I am just getting interested in art. My Mother-in-law was very nice to send this book and introduce me to Emily Carr. Thank you for letting me know about her short stories. I am making a list and will order the books. My library has very little. I also think I will do more reasearch before I travel next time. I want to read about the natural history, the artists, the authors and the flora and fauna.
Looking forward to getting to know you.