Monday, May 15, 2006

Anusara Yoga

I go to a yoga class twice a week. It is a commitment I made to my body in January. I knew I belonged to this community within the first five minutes of class. The teacher was talking a bit about Anusara Yoga. She told us we were learning how to be free inside our bodies. I wanted to feel that freedom. After four months I am more comfortable in my body. This approach is a graceful, lead with the heart rather than the head, way of aligning the body and the mind and the spirit. It is so joyful!

I am learning about the body. A dear friend loaned me "Gray's Anatomy". It is a large book. I have just finished reading about ribs. Today, in yoga class, when we were breathing into our back ribs, I had a very good understanding of the structure of the ribs. I decided I needed a course on the names of the body parts the first time I was to do something with the sacrum. I had no idea what that was. Now I want to know how the body is put together. It is amazing! I want to care for my body as I do for my spirit and my feelings.
My Yoga practice allows me to do just that; kindly, respectfully and with practice, hopefully, with grace.

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Q said...

Yoga is going very well. I attend class twice a week. My body enjoys it.
Keeping our shoulders back and our arms in the right spot will open the ribs for easier breathing. In class we learn how to breath into our back ribs. Happy for you that you had this opening.
Keeping in mind we lead with our hearts is ever so nice. Keeps our necks back and aligned with our spine.
The frist principle of my yoga practice is "being open to grace".
Each morning as I arise I open myself to grace.