Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gardening By The Moon

We added another aspect to our gardening this year, Lunar Gardening.
It includes the phases of the Moon and the signs of the Zodiac. We have done the light and the dark of the moon planting for years but adding in the Zodiac was too complicated for me to figure out. I ordered a calendar that has the information, day by day, on when to plant, harvest and prune.

Today is an excellent day to transplant tomatoes. Nice that the ground has dried enough so it can be worked. We are moving our tomato houses to this year's growing location. We also rotate our vegetables every year. This year the tomatoes will grow where the peppers were last year. The tomato houses are wood trellises. There is one on each side of the bed and the tomatoes grow in the center. The tomatoes are well supported without tying and I easily can reach in to harvest. They look pretty too!

We will plant carrots and basil around the border of the tomato beds. It is another aspect of gardening we do known as Companion Planting. Louise Riotte wrote twelve books in her lifetime on companion planting and gardening. It was from those readings I learned which plants grow well with each other.

Any bare ground will receive Marigold seed. These flowers are so excellent for bug control. I save my seed every year so I have plenty to sow.

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