Friday, May 19, 2006

Opening Windows and Doors

My children teach me so many new things. They always have. My son taught me to love rocks when he was three years old. My daughter taught me to love dance when she was two years old. Today they are grown and in their own houses, having their adventures and still they teach me.

They are gentle teachers. Daughter will ever so quietly open a door. She beckons me to peek in. She invites me for a visit and teaches me a new way of knowing the world. Graciously she shares her experiences. She moved to a different city a number of years ago. It is a full days journey to her house. With schedules and obligations we can not always visit as often as we would like. I miss her. Then she opens a window and the fresh mountain breezes blow in. She shares her adventure.

She went to the Alpaca show!
Her story and photos
were so vivid I was able to go too. She likes the Alpaca. Such a dear animal.

My friends teach me too. Every Wednesday one of my friends comes for kitchen table time. She has come once a week for over twenty years. Sometimes work or obligations will cut our time short or one of us will be out of town. Yet as soon as possible we are back at the table. We share our comings and goings; we have show and tell. We have different sort of lives. She goes out into the fray every day; I to the birds and the plants. She knows all sorts of world stuff, like how to get minutes for someone's cell phone. She is a Mermaid. Must go back to the Ocean every few months and swim with the fishes. She brings photos of her underwater adventures. Sea Turtles and sea horses and starfish are her friends. I know them because she shares.

A friend from my childhood cannot come by very often. She has the office to go to every day and a teenage daughter. We chat once a week. Things have changed since my children were working their first job and needing the family car. She teaches me the way of the younger set, what's in fashion. Once in awhile she will take a mental health day. We will sit at the kitchen table and have lunch. She is a reader. We talk books. Her husband is an artist and a musician. They go to art galleries and art openings and live music "happenings". Sometimes the four of us will double date. We share music and films. Another window opens whenever we are together.

I have read that we are six people away from knowing everyone on the earth. I believe it to be true. One dear friend taught me about the spirituality of the Native American Indians, animal medicine. Her dear friend was a wolf, Mountain. I was, and still am, friends with Mountain. A kind and gentle spirit. She is a writer and a volunteer wild fire fighter. In her small, high in the mountains, community she is a first responder. Her service to humankind. She writes mystery novels, painting pictures with words, she tells historically accurate tales of intrigue. Her research takes her on fascinating journeys. She shares her adventures and once again a window opens and I see the world differently. She also loves destination, Spa. I want to go to the Northwest. Her last Spa experience sounded ever so awesome. I need some hot rocks for my home spa. She has family here in my city, so every now and again she comes to the kitchen table. We do get to catch up on each other's lives every couple of weeks. We each will fix a cup of tea and have a nice long phone chat.

I never know when an acquaintance will become a friend. I met a woman who did nails. I started seeing her once a month for a pedicure and a manicure. When she changed salons I followed. She has the touch. She knows my feet. They love her. When she retired she invited me to the foot soaker in her kitchen. For at least ten years now my feet have been cared for. She fixes me tea and snacks. We tell our stories and I am nurtured. She encourages me to be exactly who I am. She tells me to "Let your light shine". She gardens too. I share cuttings and divides. I always have a yard tour, before down to soak. I am growing Sweet Pea Vine this year and Luffa from her shared seeds. Her way is different than mine. Another opened window, another world view.

There is a fun quiz called Real Age. Based on lifestyle, it lets you know what is your "age". According to this assessment I needed one more friend to be in optimum health. It was not so much that my current friends were not enough, I just needed someone who had a similar world view. The windows and doors of my inner world needed to be opened and shared. Someone else who saw faeries in the dew drops. Another human who was sensitive to the voices of the plants and animals. Someone who lived mindfully, who intuitively responded to a disruption in the force. Was there another who waited for moonbeans and knew the music of the spheres? So I asked the Powers that Be to send me a gentle woman. A quite, loving, lady to share my spiritual life with. I did not need a teacher or a book or another animal or plant. I do believe if I ask I shall receive, in the right time and in the right way. So I waited.

I never know when or how a request will be granted. I trust. I stay open.

My brother-in-law came by two summers ago with some family genealogy. We toured the gardens and talked about spiritual quests. He spoke of a woman he knew that was similar to me. He asked if he could introduce us. He did.

Out of the mists this beautiful lady came into my life. She is a joyfilled artist. She celebrates everyday. Her touch is healing. She created a Dragonfly with a star for me. She has words for what it is I feel. She knows the birds and the plants and we hear each others laughter. She calls me, "Greenwoman". My world is complete. Windows and doors are opened. The inner and outer spirals are balanced. I am grateful. We have tea and cakes!

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I too know Archangel Michael. It is grand that you are surrounded by the angels. Having a guardian angel was one concept from my childhood faith I resonated with. I have always been protected and cared for. I think everyone has a guardian angel. Some people know them better than others. I think that if a person asks to know their angel they will.
Thank you for sharing what a totem is. I have lots!
I love all sorts of animals. Mostly birds but some years ago I was smitten by the Penguin. Turtles too. We are turtle people. Will think more about the animals in my life. My Cat, Kitty, she died many years ago but her spirit is with me.
Always Lavender. It is as if I am lavender. Yet, I love the rosemary and cried when I thought it had died. I just wept. Than had the idea to cut the plant way far back. I began the layering to propagate. The mother plant came back the next year. She is still with me, old and woody but beautiful. The Grandmother. I shall do a piece on the herbs.
I shall post on totems. Maybe you would be so kind to add to the posts. A guest writer?