Thursday, May 11, 2006

Full Flower Moon

It is Friday, May 12, 2006
The sun is starting to set.
It is the Full Flower Moon Night!

Full Moon is at the second hour and fifty-first minute, Eastern Daylight Time, May 13, 2006.

For me that means tonight the moon will be almost full and than tomorrow it will be almost full. I choose both nights for Full Moon time.

We are star gazers. We sit out on the deck, with all the light pollution, and gaze at the stars. It is nice to know the different planets and constellations.

I am a Moon Beam sort of girl.
She is so beautiful in all of her stages.
I do new moon and crescent moon.
I adore Blue Moon!

So under the Full Flower Moon tonight I will take a moon bath.
I shall gather a bouquet of garden flowers for my lap and enjoy the smells,
while I watch her rise. The flowers and I shall sit quietly on the deck.
A cup of tea and a wee cake for refreshment.

At bed time I shall draw my bath water.
My flowers will go into the tub with me.
I shall enjoy a goblet of May Wine.

I shall take my camera out and see if I can capture the moon as she rises.

I was able to capture Full Flower Moon after she rose above the tree tops.

Q's May Wine

2 quarts of chilled white grape juice
Pealed and sliced orange
4 sprigs of sweet woodsworth leaves only, no flowers

place orange slices and sweet woodsworth in the white grape juice.
After 20 minutes remove the sweet woodsworth

Sometimes I will use fresh strawberries instead of the orange. Those I slice in half. Also sometimes I will wilt the sweet wordswoth by cutting my sprigs a day early and letting it dry over night on a plate on the counter. It gives a bit more flavor when it is wilted.

May 13th, 2006 is also International Bird Day

The birds and I have an understanding. I take care to make sure they have food, water and shelter. They sing to me and eat grubs and entertain. We are friends. Lots of bird stories from my house and gardens. Many bushes and flowers have been planted by the birds. Some I keep others I go ahead and send to the compost. As I am working outside I am trying to teach location, location, location. A few of the residents will tap on the windows of my office or chirp at the window ledge if they are out of water. This past week I was visited by many birds. Some new to the feeders. When I do have, new to me, visitors, I call my husband with a bird report. When the Blue Bird came last week I was so very excited. We live in the city. I rarely see a blue bird.
The bird feeding station has given me hours of enjoyment.

The Goldfinches hang around all day.

They truly are wild canaries! Such singers.

The window satellite feeders are nice for the little birds.

Sometimes the Carolina Wrens will set and sing, not even five feet away from me, while I am weeding or clipping down in a flower bed. They seem to have little fear of humans.

We often have the garage door open since we come and go so much. We noticed the wrens would be perched in a basket or on one of the shelves. Than we saw a nest, high up on one of the shelves inside some old paper coffee filters! Not a good location for baby birds. We just can not keep the garage door open all the time so the birds have access! I guess we could install some sort of bird door. The shelf is right next to the kitchen door too. Not a very good spot. Next thing I would know baby birds would be in the house. It could be a mess.

We moved their nest carefully.

I hope it is still usable.


Q said...

Thank you, Sprite, I so enjoy your commits. Everything you share is thoughtful and thought provoking. I am adding in the awareness of the New Moon. Since we are gardening by the moon now I am ever so aware of all the moon phases. I find it a natural way to celebrate each day.
I like beverages! I make some up and also enjoy variations on old recipes.
I am honoured that my writings and photos inspire you! I love to be inspired. Sometimes inspriation comes while I am in the gardens weeding or just being with the plants. They speak to me! I will have ideas on how to bring the glories of the garden into my home.
Birds do weave as do spiders. I love the idea of weaving. I do not know how to weave or spin. Both are on my list of activities I want to learn. I have a basket I put small pieces of ribbon and left over string in for the birds to use for nest building. I save until March and then put my basket out. The birds use it all.
The wrens nest never was reused. I have kept it outside for decoration. It will eventually go back into the earth. I like that.

Bless you for inspiring me to continue in my work. Being appriciated is delightful.

Q said...

Oh Sprite,
I hope she was ok with her nest being wind blown and soaked. You really did get some rain! Wow 2.5 inches is lots. I received .7 inches. Mine came as a gentle shower.
I have dream catchers that others have made me, but I have never made one. They do look as if they are fun! I decorate with them in November.
I bet you do weave great dreams!
Do let me know if the robin will reuse the nest. I do not think they do.