Monday, May 29, 2006


From Memorial Day until Labor Day we put a hopscotch board out on the front sidewalk. It is for anyone who would like to have a bit of fun while they walk.

Our chalk art is just for fun. When the rains come and wash it away we will put another one out. It is one of our summertime fun activities.


Q said...

Perhaps you have a place to draw a hopscotch board? Maybe your driveway?
It is so fun.

Q said...

Dear Sprite!
I enjoy you so much! Just delightful to find you have popped in again. You are a true Sprite- here and there.
We replace the hopscotch board after every rain.
I too play jacks. We must be sister sprites! I do jacks in the winter. I do have a large set of jack bookends my husband gave me. I have them now in the office, come winter they will move to the hearth. I can play jacks on the hearth. As a little girl I would play jacks on my parent's front porch. It was a smooth concrete porch and just perfect for jacks. We did all sorts of games. I remember "pigs in the pen" and "around the world". We played yo-yos too. My brother was wonderful with the yo-yo. He did all sorts of tricks. Nice childhood memories.