Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I am nurtured by Mother,
Plants feed sweet nectar,
Birds sing sweet songs,
I am loved.

I am nurtured by Mother,
Breezes comb my hair,
Cool my skin,
I am loved.

I am nurtured by Mother,
Warmed by the sun,
Balanced by the moon,
I am loved.

I am nurtured by Mother,
Refreshed by the rain,
cleansed in the stream,
I am grateful.

May you know the love of Mother.


Sprite said...

In the Rhythm of Unfolding

Mother finds us in the meadow,
smelling the sweet scents of spring.
She smiles upon us, softly saying
"I'm so glad you are here."

We hear Her whispering gently
through the leaves of the trees,
and feel her breeze upon our face.
She kisses us gently with love.

As the sparkling stream flows nearby,
we can sense the flow of life and
it gladdens us, for when we are in
the flow - life unfolds in time.

We sense the patterns of the sun,
moon, and evening sky knowing their
rhythms and processions are relevant
from macrocosm to microcosm.

In a moment, we feel the rain.
A teardrops forms, for we know
that life is exactly as it should
be right here and now.

...and then love has been found.

Q said...

Thank you Sprite!

Your poem spoke to me.
Life is perfect, right here, right now.
Your sharings are treasures.
Thank you!

Sprite said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you. ~ Love the flowers and the birds!