Friday, May 26, 2006

Sparrows-Snakes and Peas

We planted the pea seeds on April 12th. They sprouted and began growing just fine. They have a small trellis to wind up on. The lettuce seed went in around the border of the peas on the north side, spinach to the south. Marigold seed around the edge of the bed. This style of gardening is called, "Square Foot Gardening". All should grow just fine.

I do encourage the pea vines to cling to the trellis. Every couple of days I take the tendrils and wrap them around a support. Why the vines will not stay on the trellis is so very strange. I have done this for years. The peas grow on the pea trellis. While having supper we heard a ruckus in the back yard. We got up from the table to check. At least 30 if not 50 sparrows were on the pea trellis pulling on the vines and leaves. They were not eating the leaves just having fun pulling on pea leaves. We chased them away and con
tinued our supper.

This annoyed me. Peas are our food, not bird toys. The wild life may have their way with me, but only up to a point.

While shopping at the Dollar Store for grave decorations I found a wooden snake. I had this great idea. A wooden snake in the pea garden might keep the sparrows away.

It worked, the sparrows stay away now.

I have added, "move the snake" to my list of morning and afternoon chores.

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