Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tea and Coffee

At least fifteen years ago I planted a packet of Roman Chamomile seeds in my herb garden. The seeds sprouted and I have had Chamomile ever since. The herb garden has been moved many times. The chamomile has been transplanted many times. Still I have patches of this herb.
It re-seeds every year. I think it is beautiful. Often it is growing in spots I do not want Chamomile, garden paths or tomato gardens. Yet it is so lovely I leave it as long as I am able before I must dig it up. I will cut bouquets for the house and dry a bundle or two. We do not drink very much Chamomile tea so I do not need to dry very much. The flowers do not dry very well so I am not likely to use them for decorating. When the last of the reseeded plants must go I make a garden tea.

I do this in a large green glass beverage decanter. I make sun tea. This tea is for when plants need some extra nourishment or are stressed by bugs. I can spray the leaves or dilute in my watering can and give a drink. I think it helps. It makes me feel good!

Often at the end of the day there is coffee left over in our carafe. We just did not drink it all. Instead of pouring it down the drain I add filtered water to it and give a plant a drink. Lots of what is in the gardens like acid soil. The evergreens and the blueberries and the gardenias love the diluted coffee. I also do a coffee grind mulch to those acid lovers.

We put in a new bed this spring for 33 Heathers. Next year I hope to do another 30x4 foot bed and another 33 Heathers. Eventually creating a ribbon of Heaths and Heathers through the front yard. These are hardy in my zone. The grower was so helpful in educating me about how to grow Heathers.

Fifteen of this variety are in the back of the bed. These are lime green in the spring and summer and will bloom red come December.

This one blooms white in the spring and come winter will remain this dark green. Should be pretty. The first year is the critical year to get them established. They need to stay somewhat moist. They have received the coffee and coffee grinds since they came. Today they received their leaf mulch. It will take five years for them to reach their mature height. Hopefully they will grow together and be drifts.

Time to start giving the gardenias a drink and the blueberries are setting berries, they need coffee grinds. I just might have to take a trip to the coffee shop and get some grinds!


Sprite said...

Thank you so very much for sharing about tea and Gardenias. I have been giving my new Gardenia tea every other day or so, and it is thriving well.

When I was a child of five, my dear sweet mother told me that if I were to go out and feed a dying tree in our yard tea and coffee grounds daily, and that if I saved the trees' life, it would be my tree. Well, indeed I did, and it lived...and it became my tree.

Later when I was eleven and had a horse named 'Flicker,' the name mysteriously appeared on the tree. I did not, nor would not have ever carved it on my tree, yet it still appeared. To this day, I do not know how that happened. It seemed quite like magic to me.

Yes, my friend Flicker - my painted pony was my closest and dearest friend in my youth, my only friend it seemed. He knew me well. When at last his days were over, my heart grieved for his loss, and my loss of youth. The memories of days gone by, and roaming the land for hours on end will be with me forever. Still, I think of him fondly.

I was one lucky little sprite indeed.

Q said...

Dear sprite,
Saving a tree is awsome! Flicker was a magical horse. I bet he still comes to you and together you ride. Thank you for telling us about tree and Flicker, a lovely Painted Pony.
You are a magical lady!

Sprite said...

Follow up on the gardenia. I have been giving her coffee every day. I must have switched over right after I wrote that. Today, I realized she was almost dry. I gave her grounds and coffee. Do you think she is okay? She seems green, but I noticed a bud fell off.

She's a real pretty plant, and still indoors, so I would love to see her bloom. I will be patient.


Q said...

When my Gardina was losing buds I was told it wanted rose quartz rock. I had mine in the ground outside so I bought a bag of rose quartz rock mulch at the garden center. Did the trick!
I have noticed, inside my Gardinas are very slow to bloom. They seem to like a wee bit of sun. Right now I have them in the ground on the north side of the house. I, like you, would love to see them bloom. Last summer they did in August. One seems somewhat wilted. I have watered and given coffee so now all I can do is hope it will snap out of it after a nice rain. If you can save some rain water somehow I think it is the best for them. If you have a large rose quartz I think Gardina would like it as a friend.

Sprite said...

Thank you. Yes, I do have a large raw rose quarts. I will place it tomorrow. It's outside in my rock garden.

Thank you for your insight!


Q said...

Maybe we can have a day of Q&A?
It would be fun to have a post we could have conversation on!
I want to know everything and I want to share everything!
Please share when gardina blooms! I will.

Sprite said...


It's been a few weeks and gardenia hasn't bloomed. It has dropped a couple of blooms and I am remaining patient.


Sprite said...

Oh Q and A would be wonderful!

Q said...

My Gardinas are in the ground on the north side of the house by the front door. I noticed they are wilting. It is so hot. No buds yet. My book said they bloomed last year in July. I over wintered them last year too. One was in a southern window one in a northern window. The northern exposure plant bloomed in January. I think I will begin watering outside plants every day until it cools down a bit. These plants are native to the tropics so I would think they would like the heat! Maybe it is the lack of rain!