Sunday, May 28, 2006

Katy Trail

I am not a bicycle endurance rider.
I am a slow, enjoy the ride, sort of rider.
On the Katy Trail there is so much to see if you slow down and relax. Even with a high of 90 degrees in the shade, enjoyment can be found with a bit of pre-planning. We packed our bags the night before; sunscreen, sun hat, lots of water, camera, binoculars, field guides, muffins, bicycling shorts (these are padded!), bike gloves. We checked the bikes, tires and brakes were in good working order.
We left early for our drive to visit my Grandparents graves and to the trail.

Right away the show began. We took over a hundred photos. I still have to get them organized. After riding 13.4 miles I am tired.

I will update and tell the story later.

Lots of fun and so beautiful.

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Q said...

I so look forward to your comments!
Thank you Sprite, for responding. I hope to have an afternoon soon to write a piece on our ride. Always interesting. I have some id work to do too on some wild flowers we saw.