Monday, May 08, 2006

It's May!!

Welcome to my World

May is my new favorite month!
Lots of new beginings.
Many old ways of celebrating each day.

I shall share with all of you the beauty and delight of my corner.
We will eat and drink and be ever so merry as we dance and play.
There will be plants. Much plant chat!
Things will change too as I learn.

I like Winter Sowing!
Easy way to have all the plants one could ever want.
I did 56 containers this past winter on my deck. Outside in the cold my little seeds went. They endured until sprout time. Than pop, here are hundreds of German Pink tomatoes and at least 50 Brandywine. Way to many for me so I shared with my friends.
All sorts of fine strawflower seedlings and poppies sprouted from my saved seed. I already am saving containers and watching for seed for next year.
This method has changed gardening for me. Now I can ws anything I can get seed for. I have seedlings for all the flower beds. The Winter Sowing community is very supportive too. Here is a photo, by request, of some of the German Pink tomatoes in the ground. These need to be thinned out. We shall tract these plants and see when they have their first ripe tomato. These are from seed!

Still waiting on the basils to grow a bit before I place them in the gardens.
All the other seedlings are planted out. May first is last frost date for me. May Day is planting day! It is my way of "Bringing in the May!"

I did May baskets for my visitors this month.
These are simple baskets of dirt and flowers that line the front walk and adorn the porch. As a guest leaves they can choose a basket. At their house they can plant the flowers in their gardens, basket and all!

I am ready.


Q said...

Once it is time to winter sow again, December, we can ws together! Poppies are so easy to do too!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your corner and I'm interested in the idea of winter sowing, but I have to ask - why are there no pictures of the German Pink Tomatoes?
Tara's friend Matt

Q said...

Thanks for the request to publish photos of the German Pink Tomatoes and the Brandywines. I do not have a wide angle lens just yet so I will do a few shots of individual plants in the ground. Some have been thinned some not. I did not take any photos of them as wee sprouts in their winter sowed containers. I do have some basil sprouts in wsed containers so I will post those pics. It will give you an idea of what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

A silly llama song... For other Q Llama enthusiasts.

Anonymous said...


Here is the llama-ish animal that we were speaking of. I am posting it if your offspring and other Q-visitors were interested.

Vicuna is the small Llama. Although there are miniature llamas which may want to roam the house and yard (about 4' tall) the vicuna are about 2.5' to 3' tall.

Housefrau said...

WOAH. Vicunas.

K, I just DIED of cute. I have to go watch a zombie movie and recover my street cred.

Q said...

Ok, It is on the list. We must get a couple of Vicunas. They would go with the Heirlooms so well. I am all about saving very cute animals from extinction. Would not be endangered here.