Thursday, May 25, 2006

In Training

About ten years ago we began riding on the Katy Trail over Memorial Day Weekend.

We choose Saturday or Sunday for our adventure. It is a fun outing. We used to rent a tandem. Together we would ride and look at the birds and enjoy the scenic views. Now we take our own bicycles. This way I can stop whenever I want to. I pack a picnic lunch and water bottles. We must look a fright with binoculars hanging around our necks and the camera flung over one shoulder. I wear my sun hat and lots of sunscreen. It usually is hot. I always get tired. Yet I want to go.
I want to see, up close, the scenery. The portion of the trail we ride is on the banks of the Missouri River. Birds, butterflies, wildflowers and the river makes this adventure worth the sweat and sore muscles.
Once the weather is nice, in April, I always think I am going to get my bicycle legs in shape so the ride will be easier. Yet the lettuce and peas need to be planted and the tomatoes need to be mulched and I just do not get to the bicycle.
This year is different. We started training.

After supper we go for a bike ride at our "park".
We live across the street from a large cemetery. It is where I took the children for their stroller rides. They learned to ride their two wheelers on the paved roads. Mom and Dad's "drivers education" was conducted across the street. When we walked to get an ice cream we took the short cut, though the cemetery. It is a lovely, quiet, place to get the bicycle legs strong again.

Nice that yoga practice has been on connecting to our legs, these past two weeks. I have learned how to hug the muscles on to the bone so my knees are protected. I am stronger than ever before.

Oh, last night, at dusk, while rounding a bend in the cemetery we saw Blue Bird! He was sitting on a flag pole. We watched for a long time. We could hear baby blue birds in the nest. We watched as Blue Bird flew into the tree and the babies were quiet. Next time I am bringing the camera with the zoom!

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