Thursday, May 25, 2006

Garden Salad

My husband does not like gadgets.
Maybe because we have a small house or maybe because we are practical people. I am not sure but I do know he does not like gadgets.

Every year I cut lettuce from the garden for supper. I take my copper colander out into the garden and my kitchen sizzors and cut what we need for our dinner. I grow romaine lettuce. It is known as cut and grow.
After a leaf is cut it will regrow.

In the past, I brought my lettuce in to wash and laid the leaves out on a tea towel and patted dry. It was the easiest way I knew.

When salad spinners came out onto the market I looked at them. I thought how handy for garden lettuce. He deemed them, "Gadgets". Still I looked at them.
I thought, "Handy." A few years have gone by.

Last year I looked at them again. Still looked "handy" to me.

Last time I was at the market I looked at them again.

I removed one from the box,
looked practical and handy.
I bought it.

Oh my!
So practical, so handy. I highly recommend the Zyllis Salad Spinner.
Not a gadget. It's a tool.

Easy to use,

easy to clean up,
keeps greens fresh in the spinner,
not electric,
a nice addition in my kitchen.

Our salads are delicious!


DMW said...

Next you should upgrade to a salad shooter! You can feed bunnies from 5 yards.

Q said...

Oh, the potential for fun! Yes, a salad shooter is on my list of must haves.
Thanks, Dave

Q said...

So, maybe a salad shooting party?
Every one brings a shooter and their own lettuce. An event!