Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finding The Place of Ease

In my yoga practice we work towards finding the ease of a pose.
In my life I work at finding the ease of the day.

It is a deliberate, mindful, life we have. I try to give enough time to each activity so I am not rushed and still have time for creativity. I want to notice the way life unfolds each day. The awareness of beauty all about reminds me life is a prayer in action, if I allow it to be so.

I ask myself, "How can I make this easier?" Whatever it is. Usually the answer is, "Just enjoy".

I relax into my pose, still holding my muscles onto the bones and I breathe into my back ribs. I keep my arms firmly in the shoulder and let my head rest on the arms of the universe. Than I lead with my heart. Legs are straight as I trust the body. I find my place of ease.

I reflect, relax and refine.

May has been a fine month.
The rains have refreshed me.


Sprite said...

Allowing your words to softly fall upon the ears, calmly allows ease and comfort with thought processes.

Thinking about the word "Ease," I feel the breath go out fully, and then in with balance and fullness.

Thank you for your mindful teaching today. I am relaxed and loving the rain.


Saucy said...

I added your blog to my favorites list. :)

Q said...

Thank you both! As the evening is progressing I am looking for rainbows. The sun is setting and the rains have moved East. A faint bow is beginning. I breathe in the sweet, clean air. I give thanksgiving for kindred spirits.
Thank you.

Sprite said...

I am listening to and thinking about "Finding a Place of Ease" today. I think I will nap and rest, it's been such a hot week.