Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy June

Upon awaking I set my intention for the day.
In June, I "Sing my own song".
Today I will celebrate the sacredness in all of life.

June is about the Oceans and the beaches and all the creatures that live in them. Here and there around my house I have sea shells we have collected when we walked different beaches. The song of the sea is still in some of them.

Mermaids, Sea Horses, Sea Dragons, Whales, Dolphins and fish are some of the motifs for the month. The Sea Dragons are so beautiful.

Much to study. The Oceans are brimming with beauty.

Dragonfly and Damsels are about all the time. In June even more emerge to grace the house. We have Circle Dances to learn about and The Dance of the Fireflies. Lilies and Daisies are my focus flowers. The Humming birds are back too.

Today, weather permitting, I shall harvest the wheat.

Thought you might enjoy a photo or two of the Narwhal whales.

Thank you sprite for the link. I brought it to the body of the post in case others are looking for it. Fountains are lovely.


Q said...

Oh, the Narwhal are fastasic creatures. Thank you for reminding me of them. I will look for photos.
We study whales as well. I enjoyed going whale watching when I was in Califoria a few years ago. Star Fishes are lovely too. The Sea Turtles are incredible, we do them in July!
We are turtle people.
My husband is fond of the squids and octopi.
Glad you also fell in love with the Sea Dragons.

Q said...

Oh Sprite, I would love to see your fountains. I too enjoy them. I only have two right now. Hopefully I will aquire another this summer. We have a Swap and Shop where my husband bought the two I have. The price was just right! I have one outside on the deck all summer. Come September, I will clean it up and store until January, when I bring it up for my entryway table, in celebration of Lunar New Year. The seahorse fountain will go to storage at the end of the month. I would love a large rock fountain for my entry that would stay out all year.
The front pond has a vey small foutain. I keep it just bubbling so that it does not cause too much evaporation. The birds love running water so they will drink out of the outside fountain. I have seen solar powered fountains. That would be very nice. I could have one here and there without the concern of cords. On my wish to have list.

Q said...

Thanks Sprite. I published your link in the body of the post. Kind of you to share.