Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Storm is on the Way

The air feels thick, the breeze is from the east.
I expect rain.
I long for rain.

We are cloud watchers.

We watch the birds and the bugs.

What are the spiders doing?

Will we get rain?

We watch the fish in the ponds.

We need rain..

The storm could go around us. I have work to do. The sunflowers need to be weeded and thinned and mulched.

The sun is hot and the air so humid.

We just need rain.

The Brown Thrashers are not paying any attention to the approaching storm. They want to nest.

I need rain.

Baby Robin wants worms.

Just out of the nest.

Drama on the deck.

He is too scared to fly again.

Mom and Dad keep watch and bring food.

The wind shifted back to the south.

The storm went around us.

Sunbeams at sunset.

Maybe tomorrow we will get rain.


Dyllah said...

hello.. was blog hopping.. and came across urs.

I fall in love suddenly with ur blog. Lots of pretty pictures.

Take care..

Can I link ur blog to mine?

Q said...

Hi Dyllah,
Welcome. So happy you have come by. I would love to have Q's Corner linked with you!
How kind of you to ask. Yes, please.
I visited your blog and enjoyed your many food treats-slurp,slurp!

Please stop by often and keep in touch.