Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Phelps

Twenty years ago my daughter and I went to an Earth Day celebration. They gave out White Pine saplings. We planted our trees in the front yard. She named them.
Mr. Phelps is at least 30 feet tall.

Mrs. Phelps had to be moved a few years ago. She was growing into the front maple tree. At twenty feet tall it was an event to move her.
She is doing fine, loaded with pine cones this year.
The pine trees need their fallen pine needles.
I think the pinecones are pretty under the trees.
Now is the time we trim their branches.


Housefrau said...

RIP Mr. Dandelion.

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,

Oh my goodness, there was a third tree, Mr. Dandelion.
I think I accidently killed him.
Pine Trees do need their needles. They go through a short time when some of the needles brown. I think I over cared for Mr. Dandelion and removed those brown needles. Doing so killed him, I later learned. If left alone the needles will green back up.
It did work out fine. We never would have had room for a third tree!
Something I have to remember as I add trees and bushes to our landscape is the mature height and width. The death of Mr. Dandelion also taught me to do my research on the care and needs of the plants I want to grow before I plant.
Yes, RIP, Mr. Dandelion.