Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chasing Monarchs

While at the library yesterday I picked up "Chasing Monarchs" by Robert Michael Pyle. This is a story of Mr Pyle's adventure of following the autumn migration of the Monarchs from Canada to Mexico. Although it is only 40 degrees outside I wanted to read with the birds. My husband says the sun is worth ten degrees, today it was 20! With only a sweater on I was warm in the sun.

Mr Cardinal came to see what I was doing. He let me know the back bird bath needed water.
When the Stealth flew over I did stop reading to take a few photos.
Jay let me know the hawk was flying.

I am learning about the Monarchs. I am taking notes. I shall start a butterfly journal with photos.
I saw a Sulpher fly over. She did not land.


Deb said...

What a wonderful blog you have! As a bird lover - I have enjoyed looking through all your beautiful pictures.

Q said...

Welcome to my world Deb,
I would love to fix you a cup of tea and have a visit with our bird friends!
I also love the butterflies.
Seems I am smitten by plants too, oh, and clouds and the moon and the stars!
Well I also like the four legged and all sorts of bugs.
I think I am a nature lover!
Thank you for coming by.
Decorating for December is coming up and I do lots!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,

The Stealth is other-worldly! Very two demensional.
It is eerie....
Blessings to it......

Today the cold front came in and I miss the warmth of the sun.

Hope this Winter I can come to Corner and be warmed and refreshed by birds and butterflies and sweet friends like you!