Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am building a relationship with the Red Tailed Hawk. He stayed long enough for me to try some different settings on my camera.
He came low enough I was able to focus better.
The markings on his wings were clearer today.
Thank you Hawk!

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Q said...

Hi Sprite!

I am so happy you came by. Your words are always a delight to me.
Thank you!
Blessing to you and yours on this Thanksgiving Day!

I am awed by the all the winged creatures.
The Hawks are the messengers! The Red-Tailed Hawks mate for life I have read.

Red-Tail also is about the kundalini, our vital energy. Red-Tailed Hawk is teaching me how to use my creative energy to manifest my soul's purpose.

Every day is a grand day to express our gratitude.

Every day I give thanks for beautiful spirits like you!