Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taking Cover

Mrs. Cardinal and Carolina Wren sought seed and cover. Both feed with tails down. Mr.Cardinal also shared the covered feeder. I think I will pick up a couple more domes for the other feeders.
The dusk came so quickly. I turmed the back soffit lights on for the late feeders. The female House Finch perched in the sleet for awhile before getting her supper.


Deb said...

I love looking at your wonderful bird pictures!!
Your feeders are really lovely ~ what lucky birds you have visiting you.

Q said...

Thank you Deb,
I am happy the winter bird photos are coming out okay. I had my concerns!
We have a few months to get through before the return of the Spring and Summer birds. Hope you do not weary of the winter visitors. Maybe as the season comes into full swing I will have a bit more variety. I never know who will show up!
I had looked at the feeding station for a few years at the Wild Bird Store. Finally after much debate I bought it. The apple tree I used to hang the feeders in went down in an ice storm and I was in need! I like the squirrel guard too.
The station can have more branches added to it.
I am thinking another full set up would be ever so nice in the front yard!
My husband is not sure we need to feed the entire population of sparrows that live in our city.
For every song bird I think we have two dozen sparrows. I use about 25 lbs of seed a month!
I do love the birds. Even the Starlings must have a place in the overall plan of things.