Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

Happy November!

I am packing October up. My husband brought up the bins last night. I have many October bins! Once all is packed up I will clean and unpack November!
Then I will decorate! Red and brown and yellow are my November colors.

Hats and gloves go in the orange and black hat box. Zip-zap-zip! That was easy.
We opened our treat from our daughter last night. These are beautiful chocolates! We each chose one. Delicious too. We will eat them!
I have scheduled one week to get every thing cleaned and put away. November is a fun month. Lots of gratitude. Each day I begin my day with "I am thankful for ......"
Today I am thankful for my children. As I do my work I think of all the wonderful, happy times we have shared. I stop every so often and send my blessings.
In November I study the culture of the American Indian. The original people of where I live. I celebrate the way they honor Mother Earth and Father sky.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite!

I am thankful for you!!! too!

Always so fun when you come over.

Having a full attitude of gratitude makes November a fun month. There are so many people and places and events and items to be grateful for I have no time to be thinking of anything else.

Thank you Sprite for being just the way you are!