Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pastel Sky

I spent my evening as I had spent my morning; on the deck with soft light. Mocking bird found bugs for his supper.

Mr. Cardinal had seed.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your understanding and the time you spend being with nature. The sky looks so calming. Sometimes everything feels like it's flying by. I was feeling like that yesterday. i decided to walk to work and spend some extra time in the garden. It was wonderful, my mind slowed down and everything around me did too.

Q said...

My Dear Lavender,
Being in the pace of the day is important for me. When I align myself with Mother Nature's rhythms I am at peace.
So glad you saw your need to be outside with the sun and the wind. Being with the plants and bugs and birds delights me. My thinking stops when I am out in the gardens too. I am one with the plants.
I call it working meditation.