Thursday, November 02, 2006

Days of the Dead

When I was a little girl today was called "All Souls Day". It was a magical day for me. My Mother and I would walk to church. She told me by saying a prayer today in church a soul would be released and sent to heaven. She told me each time we entered the church and knelt down and said a prayer another soul would be released! I went in and out lots. I felt powerful at age four! I found this old card in my Mother's papers.
I took a few of my grandmother's forks and bent them and made stands for books and small pictures. "Morning and Night Watches" is from 1906. Small inspirational writings for each morning and night for 31 days.
I have framed the memorial cards of family members that have died. I do like these crystal and mirrored frames. Inside the cabinet they look pretty. The sun reflects and sends rainbows of light throughout the living room.
I found a box that looks as if it is made of bone. I put rosemary in it as my offering to those that have gone before.

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