Thursday, November 09, 2006

Soft and Gentle

There is a gentle spirit in this morning's light. The soft blue sky is clear.
My deck chair beckons me to sit a spell and listen to the Northwest breeze play a melody in the wind harp; to watch the golden leaves of the Elm trees float in the air.
The Blanket Flower rebloomed this morning.
The Question Mark returned!

Gradually I am awaking. I am drinking in this November morning.
Soon I will clip down spent peonies. Soon I will gather leaves for the compost.
The ground is dry. Once again we need rain.


Patience said...

Great pictures!

Q said...

Hi Patience,
So glad you came by. As you can tell I have lots of fun outside with the bugs!
I rather took to the camera! I seem to forget time when I am behind the lens.
Mother Nature provides a beautiful landscape full of interesting characters to photograph.
Hope you found some beauty and joy here.
I do love to share.