Monday, November 27, 2006

Through the kitchen window

Downy found the suet in the west window box. December decorating is going smoothly. Only had to replace the lights on one indoor tree so far. I have kitchen and family room left to unpack. Thirty- two trees are finished. I think I have ten more to do.
The Enchanted Forest is coming alive.


Deb said...

We have a little woodpecker who visits our suet baskets daily as well ~ aren't they gorgeous little birds.

Q said...

Oh Deb,
I am smitten with the little Downy Woodpeckers! I enjoy them. They ARE gorgeous. They are the bird of the month in February.

So glad you are enjoying them as well. Having the birds about is one continous joyfilled experience.

The Red-Bellied is shy. Maybe this winter they will come to the suet. The Red-Headed Woodpeckers live in the woods about 2 miles from our house. I have not seen any in the back yard for many years.
The other flickers are also hard to see. The Yellow Shafted was here in September. I just never could get close enough for a photo.

My husband enjoys his stroll in the woods. I enjoy his photos!
Blessings to your birds.