Friday, November 17, 2006

Lunch is ready

I refilled the feeders and put a few more plates out on the tables.

Having lunch with the birds is extremely nice.


Saucy said...

The birds are beautiful. You are surrounded by nature! We have barnswallows living on our roof. Quite an adventure!

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
I live on a small corner lot in the city. I keep planting trees and bushes and as many plants as I can in hopes of having food and shelter for the birds and butterflies and people! The lawn is shrinking year by year.
Having the cemetary across the street helps with trees.
I think the barnswallows are lovely fliers. They do make a mess as all the birds seem to be able to do.
As the winter comes in I will not be able to be outside as much as I like to be. I am thinking up a way to be able to take photos of the birds from inside my house. I think I can do rather well through the windows. I think I may ask my husband to take the screens off the windows in my office. That way I could take photos from my desk.
Sometimes the birds will come up to the office windows if they need something.
The wild life does have it's way with me.