Friday, November 10, 2006

Going Forth

I am bundling up and going to meet a friend for lunch and shopping. Great day to wear the Alpaca scarf and bag my daughter gave me.
There are bright spots in the morning gray, the winter Heather is beginning to bloom!
The gong is sounding off.
The wind harp is playing a full symphony of music.


Anonymous said...

Your wind harp and gong must sound so beautiful today. The wind is incredible! Buddle up or you'll get blown away.
Bergamont and i were so happy to see you at the show the other night. thanks for coming!

Q said...

Hi Lavender,
I enjoyed Bergamont's art so very much. She does beautiful work. I love the way she is inspired by the falling pollen and the elementals. A "seeing" lady!

I stayed warm in the cold wind while out today. At my friend's house we drank large mugs of hot tea before I came home.

The wind is still blowing tonight and the gong is sounding off!
So fun. It won't be long before I will begin lighting fires in the fireplace and snuggling up under warm blankets. I have set aside many art projects for winter.
Plus I am looking forward to a few long Winter naps.

It is almost co-co time too!