Thursday, November 30, 2006

Breakfast is served

Many Dark Eyed Juncos are in the back yard now. They will winter here. The pair of Carolina Wrens will also winter in the back yard.
This morning I was able to see both pairs of Cardinals at once. The females took turns at the feeder. The males took turns at the table.

I counted three male Downy Woodpeckers and two females.
I have errands to run before the big snow storm forecasted for this afternoon and evening arrives. November came in like Spring and is going out like Winter.


Debra said...

These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! The ones of the frozen bird feeders make me wish I lived up North =(

Q said...

Hi Debra,
I am so pleased you came by.
I am smitten by the birds!
Now that the butterflies are gone for the season I am bird dependant. They bring so much joy into my life.
Today I was all over the house, peeking out of windows, trying to see my friends and their friends.
I am learning how to take photos through the glass of my windows. So far so good!
I think December will be a fun bird month.

Deb said...

I wish I had your talent for taking such amazing photos ~ I agree with Debra ~ yours are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. I love stopping by each morning to see the beauty you have captured with your camera. Thank you Q!

Q said...

Thank you Deb,
I just love to take pretty pictures. Having the birds as subjects helps as they are beautiful.
On my "Please to have" list is a couple more lenses and filters. I think I could do some rather interesting shots with more toys!
I miss many photos because I cannot get close enough. The birds are rather used to me so they are not as shy as they once were. I think they watch for me and the seeds every day.
Feeding all year is helpful too. I keep the feeders full so there is a constant food source.
As I add more shelter, trees and bushes, I think I will be able to encourage different birds to come and stay.
I did take to the camera. I bought it last April.
In the evenings my husband watches a slide show I prepare for him.
I know I have a keeper when he makes a gasp!
Thanks for coming by everyday.
It is a new adventure. I never know what to expect!