Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yellow Roses

When I begin to set our Thanksgiving table I start with how many place settings will I need. We have had thirty place settings at one Thanksgiving. This year it is three. Since I will have a small, intimate meal I decided on long stemmed yellow roses for our centerpiece. I brought home 24 roses. I did up a small arrangement for the kitchen table too.

As the temperatures rose this afternoon I was watching for the Orange Sulphur butterfly to return. She did.
The Dwarf Snapdragons are still in bloom after many nights of frost. I shall grow more of these next year for November blooms. They are bi-annuals. This year's plants will come back next year. I have marked the Red Dwarf Snapdragons so I can save those seeds and winter sow them for the red garden I am planning.

Yellow, red and brown are my November colors.
This photo would be nice for my November decorating.

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