Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And the Ivy

After supper I went out to cut some Ivy. I do not need very much. I like to root a few stems in case someone asks for a cutting. I also like to have a small amount for arrangements.
The yellow roses I bought last week for Thanksgiving are in full bloom. I re-cut all the stems and made 16 arrangements using Holly and Ivy. Next week I will get pink roses, my December flower.
My husband brought in a few pine boughs for the cranberry glass vases. These were his Grandmother's. I keep them on top of her china cabinet. The small pine stems I put into mini vases. These I will tuck into tiny spots. I can add tiny flowers later.
The pine branches that I trimmed and a few pine cones went into a glass basket, natural potpourri. When we bring in the pine the house smells like Christmas.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
I thought I saw your glitter while working with the Holly! We are connected!
These yellow roses have lasted nine days. So often the bloom will droop before it opens fully.
The little pink rose bushes last year were very pretty. Amazing yours is still growing. Having you to care for it is why, your joy keeps all sorts of plants, animals and minerals happy.
I am having fun creating the Enchanted Forest.