Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Last Days Of November

I am working today on decorating the family room downstairs. When I brought up a stack of the Christmas photo albums I saw my Dove friend on the rail.
I laid my albums down and said, "Hello." I have been so involved with my decorating I have not spent very much time with my Avian friends.
Ten minutes of Dove time and I was relaxed and full of joyful energy. She went on down to the ground for some seed. I went down for the rest of the photo albums. The Doves are another bird I study and celebrate in December. I shall get some more frames for December Birds.

The cold front came in over night. I am pleased to have inside activity.
Think I will fix a pot of black bean chili for supper.

Last night, while it was still warm, my husband was cleaning the ponds. I heard him call out, "Geese, geese, geese."
I dropped what I was doing and ran out to the front yard. Yes, Snow Geese, high in the sky. Snow Geese migrating. I could see their v, I could hear their call.
The moon was at second quarter and the clouds were just starting to come in. I saw the snow geese in the moon light.
I know for sure Winter is on the way.


Deb said...

Turtle doves are one of my favourite birds ~ we were so fortunate this past summer to have them nest above one of our arbours and woke each morning to their gentle cooing.

Q said...

Hi Deb,

You were fortunate to have Turtle Doves nesting! They are lovely.
The "coo" of the Dove, for me, is the voice of the Angles.
Doves have a wealth of lore surrounding them! For today I am thinking of my Dove friends as, "Angles of Peace".

May the Peace that passes all understanding be with you and yours,

(that could be a Christmas card! humm......)