Friday, November 24, 2006

Everything at once

Today I am doing twenty things at once as I prepare to decorate for December.
I took a few minutes out to enjoy Mockingbird in the Crab tree.
Still very warm for November.
I replanted the mums in the window boxes and set up the sprinklers.
It is too warm and too dry.
My husband took photos of Robins yesterday. I saw some in the back bamboo this morning. Sulphur butterfly was out as was the Red Admiral.
Warm weekend is in the forecast. If all goes well we should be able to get the outside decorated.

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Q said...

Oh Sprite,
I wish I could just tell you everything!
Mockingbird is a very dear friend of mine. Often, in the past, when I would be working quietly in the gardens, Mockingbird would sit near and sing. Last Spring, when I was trying to encourage Blue Bird to come to the feeders and I began the meal worms, Mockingbird became very aggressive.
It has taken all summer for Mockingbird to be friendly again.
The small crab tree is very close to the front porch. I stood at the door for at least a half an hour and watched my friend bathe and drink at the small bird bath near the porch. It was a special moment for me to re-connect with my friend.
I am thinking I will print and frame one of the series of photos for when I celebrate the Mockingbird.
Thank you for your comment.
Comments give me a chance to chat a bit.