Monday, February 12, 2007

1,001 Bird Stories

Each day there are thousands of stories.
Today a little Wren brought a story of inspiration,
a Brown Creeper brought confidence,
a female Cardinal gave affrimation,

a Mocking Bird brought artistry.

The birds teach me whatever it is I need to learn. I just need to be aware.


Saucy said...

You amaze me with your skill at identifying these birds! Is only the male cardinal red? Now that I think of it, it makes sense. Have a wonderful day.

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
So hope new house is going along well.
My husband and I are "birders".
Our field guides are well read!
Since I began taking the pictures we can identify much better. The females of some species look very different than the males.
It is fun to know the names of the different birds. I am learning the flight patterns and songs now. I do lots of birding by ear as I go about my day.
I am tucked in today from the blowing, drifting snow.

Deb said...

I just love reading your inspirational words and thoughts as well as looking at your wonderful bird photos! I couldn't agree more ... the birds teach us so much if we are just aware.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Thank you. I live a contemplative life in an urban setting! We have power lines and traffic, cell towers and street lights all around us. Yet I see the trees and plants and birds and bugs!
We have about 26 different types of birds that come to our yard in the Winter. A nice variety yet I have taken all of their photos many times!
Yesterday I was in a February frump! I did a series of photos on the misty morning and for some reason it would not post! Back outside I walked about. It was cold and damp and rather dismal. I heard the little wren singing away on the deck. The little wren was being himself, in the moment. I felt my spirit soar. It was still cold and damp yet my attitude changed. As I walked to the front yard I saw the Brown Creeper in the front Maple tree. He is a tiny bird and it has been very difficult for me to get good photos. Thus when I was able to get a couple I felt confidence. I am new to photography and some what unsure of myself. When I saw the female Cardinal in the Sumac I was thrilled. Many of my plantings are for the birds and seeing her having a Sumac treat was rewarding. I would like to take my photography up a level. I want to tell my story with the birds and Mother Nature and I want the photos to be inspirational for others. It would be grand if a photo inspired or gave confidence or reassurance or helped someone see their creative self.
Granted, often I just do a bird report!
Keeping my nest warm,
Sending sweet bird songs,