Thursday, February 15, 2007

Playing with roses

My husband gave me 4 dozen roses yesterday.
I am arranging them today.
Dreaming of spring.


Chrissie said...

Hello Q. I thought you might be interested in this blog

Wonderful roses! How lovely. I have some asparagus for the allotment :-)

Q said...

Hi Chris,
Oh thank you!
I do the Great Backyard Bird Count every year too. This is my tenth year. It starts tomorrow! I have been gearing up all week. I hope to take some pictures and maybe have one that is good enough to submit for the contest. It is wonderful that the bird count is in the U.K. too!
I printed off my count sheets and plan on being at the dining room table taking the tally.
Yumm... asparagus! I never have grown it. We have talked about putting a patch in for years yet it never has happened. I am looking forward to seeing the plants in your allotment. What growing zone are you? I am a zone 5, but I push the envelope to a 6!
Soon we will be out in the dirt and with the plants. I long for it! In the mean time I have my indoor gardens to keep me in good spirits.
Thanks for thinking of me.

Deb said...

Gorgeous Valentine roses - how thoughtful!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Oh, I was so frustrated! I had this darling post about the roses all done up and Blogger would not let the photos post! I tried many times too. I took a couple of different photos on the 15th and they worked. As Sprite say,"Mercury in retrograde."
I go about the house smelling each rose. With 48 I have lots to sniff on! My husband knows I am a flower person! He gives roses for Valentine's Day and Anniversary. Other times he will bring me mixed bouquets. I am always surprised too. I don't expect the flowers. I alway think it is very kind of him.
During the winter I do have my forced bulbs yet I seem to need cut flowers for the big vases.
I will dry all the petals once they are over and add them to my big bowls of dried roses. I have all the roses my husband has given me over these last 35 years.

Anonymous said...