Friday, February 09, 2007

Looking Down

It seemed strange to see the Red Bellied on the ground.
I normally look up for the woodpeckers.
Do not even think about it Miss!
The birds came up to the deck and to the top of the bushes and trees.

They must stay vigilant, Cooper's Hawk could be next.


Q said...

My Dear Sprite,
You have made my day!
I so love you!
Nose tweaks and head thumps should do the trick. I bet I will not see that mean cat again.
Thank you!

Q said...

Sweet Sprite,
A moat would be grand!
I have a dream of far away times and moats. I remember high towers and looking across vast distances.
As I look at the geese grazing today I can almost see those distant days.
The mist today smells like long ago.
~Qiuet Q~