Friday, February 02, 2007

Full Snow Moon

I came into the kitchen this morning and watched the Full Snow Moon set. How lovely to begin Candlemas with the full moon.

From the east bedroom window I watched the sunrise. How grand to have a sunrise today, also known as Imbolic.
It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit. I double bundled before feeding the birds.
Next year I might try my hand at candle making. I like the soy candles.


Chrissie said...

Thank you for reminding us that it is Candlemas! How was your day? Ours was bright and clear!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Happy Candlemas to you!
Our day was also clear and crisp! We still have some snow on the ground and thus extra bright light. Bitterly cold.
I hope my inside forced bulbs get me through February and March. I bet we have a late spring.
The days are getting longer. The sun rises a wee bit earlier and sets a wee bit later. Now for warmer temps.

Sprite said...


Dearest Q~

Happy Imbolc my friend!

Full Cold Moon is absolutely breathtaking, I so love your artful photos. So much storytelling can be found in your magical surprises each day.

I found this on Wikopedia ~

*In Irish, Imbolc (pronounced im'olk) from the Old Irish, meaning "in the belly" (i mbolg), referring to the pregnancy of ewes, and is also a Celtic term for spring. Another name is Oimelc, meaning "ewe's milk". Some Celts and Neopagans shorten the name to Brigid, referring to the Celtic goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft, to whom the day is sacred.*

Today, this day speaks to me of healing.

Q's precious sanctuary is a place to enter into healing, while feeling the poetry of life in one's heart and soul.

May your day be well blessed!

Love you past the moon,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Tea and cakes, candles and chocolates for you!
Many blessings for your gracious home and those that live there.
This is one busy day. So many of the olde ways were changed into new ways. Thank you for your research. It is nice to know why we do the things we do.
I do tell a story everyday with my photos. Sometimes I get "artsy" usually it is Mother Nature being the artist and all I am doing is capturing one tiny, little moment of her ever changing display.
The minute I think I have seen the most beautiful ever, I see another most beautiful.
Each day another delight.
Thank you for enjoying my photos. Mother Nature and I are walking together.