Friday, February 09, 2007


I chased away three different cats today.
Two Cardinals are serverly injured.
I do not see how they will make it.
The birds seem concerned as well. Domestic cats need bells on their collars.
I came in to read. It is cold and gray. I want to dream of Butterfly days.


Chrissie said...

Oh dear, that's a real shame. We have a problem with cats in our garden: I have not found any injured birds but they do 'play' with the frogs. I keep a water spray by the back door, the cats don't like the water but it doesn't harm them. Only problem is they see me coming and dart away now. I hope your cardinals are ok.

Deb said...

How sad to hear about your cardinals! We used to have a cat problem as well until we got our lab Benny - he loves the birds but not Cats!!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you for your blessings for the Cardinals. The neighbor's cats could just have a bell to alert the song birds when they are out on the prowl! I understand that Cooper's Hawk also needs to eat and small birds are his diet. I do like to think he eats Starlings not Wrens. The cats are not hunting birds for food. They have plenty at their houses. It is their nature yet I think domestic cats could easily have the little bell and the balance of power would be even. A lovely black cat lived with us for 17 years. She wore a bell on her collar. I also like to think she was a mouser.
Sometimes she would bring a bird home as a present. At least the bell gave some warning.
I do accept the way nature has it's food chain. I just think we already have upset the habitat for the birds enough.
The two Cardinals are not regular visitors. I was happy they were able to get some seed. I took photos but I was too sad to post them!
The birds are so lovely.
Thank you again for your care.
Sweet bird songs,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I like the idea of the water bottle! I will get one. Excellent idea. Maybe a water gun? I could use it on the squirrels too who have food out in the garden but seem to like to eat up all the bird's food!
The entire bird management program here is so involved. I remember last Fall when the Monarchs were here and I was worried about them.
As I watch all the woodpeckers in the trees I wonder if they are eating butterflies?
It just is the way it is. I do not think I will be able to put bells on the birds to warm butterflies!
~Q~ who gets too involed with the birds and bugs.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Ah, a sweet pup like Benny would do the trick! He is beautiful!
When our children lived with us we had two dogs, three cats and birds and fish and all sorts of Hamsters and snakes!
The house was full of critters. Now I am petless. The outside critters are my friends.
I so enjoy watching Benny be his beautiful self on your blog. Maybe I could post a photo of Benny in the garden to keep the cats away.