Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cold February Day

The wind was sharp today. I am grateful for the brightness of my feathered friends and their cheerful songs.
Inside the Hyacinths are blooming and filling the house with sweet scent.
My Mother made my sister's junior prom dress in 1968. She painted the roses on it. I loved this dress so much that Mother made me a short version.
I have both of the dresses up for February.


Chrissie said...

Your mother must have put so much love into those hand painted roses. I really wish I was more creative.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
My Mother was very talented with needle and thread! The fabric painting was a one time event. She did put many hours into the painting of our dresses. My sister's is a formal and her roses cascade down the front in an inverted pleat and the roses around the bottom have a sequin and bead in each. My dress has the inverted pleat up the back with a ruffle! My roses are on my ruffle. I was not a beaded and sequin sort so my dress is only painted. There are roses on the cap sleeves and a small bouquet on the bodice. These are special dresses.
I am looking for an antique dress form so I can display my lovely old dresses. I have many! Where my Mother's old dress form went I do not know! For now I have the dresses on padded hangers on bedroom doors. Come March, I will store them in my cedar closet until next year.
I bet your creative expression is in your garden! I am looking forward to seeing your "green thumb".

Deb said...

Such beautiful pictures - birds, hyacinths in bloom, hand painted roses - perfect viewing for a cold day in Canada. Thank you Q!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
You are so very welcome!
It does get cold in your beautiful part of the world!
Having the flowers inside and the birds outside helps me keep my spirits up when I cannot be outside.
I do some creative endeavors as well. Right now my focus is learning how to take the pictures I want.
Stay warm and happy. Spring will come before we know it!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I so enjoy the forced bulbs in the winter. I did 75 Hyacinths this year. After they finish up inside I will let them ripen off and plant the bulbs in the gardens.
I still have tulips to force. I have about 80 of them yet to do. I am waiting on containers. I might plant my window boxes with tulips this March. I think it would look pretty in April-May. If I still have Tulips in the refigerator come St. Pat's Day I will plant up baskets with soil and bulbs for Easter treats.
Just thinking about that gives me the twitters, Spring will be here soon.
I love Spring.
I love Summer too and Fall oh, I love Winter!
Think I will go get a cup of co-co so I can enjoy this cold February night.