Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I am looking back over the month of February.
Finishing the scrapebook and backing up photos. Making notes for next year.
As I took my daily garden tour I saw the crocuses were emerging. It is an early Spring.
I cut a few Dogwood and Forsythia branches for indoor forcing. My colors for March are chiefly green and yellow with just a hint of pink here and there.
I planted some sweet clover seeds. I am just about ready for March.


smilnsigh said...

Glad you are having an early Spring. Not so, here abouts.

Such perfectly beautiful bird pictures!!!!!! Oh my, you are an expert with your camera.


Q said...

Hello Mari-Nanci,
Thank you for enjoying the photos.
I am having much fun learning to be a photographer. Doing the photo essay everyday is a delight. I want to show and tell everything!
It is a very early spring here. Any day we could have snow again.
I am not cleaning the leaves out of the flower beds just yet.
Waiting for the parade of flowers to begin and the bugs to all wake up.
Bird songs and honey bees,