Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy February

I never know from moment to moment what joys and delights await for me.

Leading with my heart and not with my head I am open to this day.
My friend from Colorado is coming this afternoon for kitchen table time.
We will have a private book signing and raise our tea cups. It is celebration time. The world gets to see how beautiful she is!
Today is St. Bridgit's Day. Next year I will plan to make a St. Bridgit's cross.
I have Winter Wheat growing again. Perhaps this is the way for me to learn how to do wheat weaving. A house blessing seems just right.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite!
So happy to "see" you!
Hope February is a sweet month for you. It could be very cold this month.
Soon we should have spring migration and oh, the butterflies will return and flowers, lots and lots of flowers. I am enlarging the gardens, again. Each spot needs more butterfly plants, nectar and host plants and more Hummingbird flowers! I have ordered lots of seed and all my saved seed should give the gardens a pretty show. I am doing lots of people food too. I will share some, but not all, with the bunnies.
The new birds that come are always exciting but the regulars are the ones I depend on for my joy each day.
So happy you could come to Corner.