Monday, February 05, 2007

Singing for Meal Worms

They wait for me every morning to bring out the meal worms.

Winter mix is on it's way for this evening and tomorrow. I will run errands today and stay home tomorrow.


The French Nest said...

This is such a sweet the way you have captured them singing...just stunning!

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
These two birds know me very well. They know I am a push over too!
If Tea Kettle comes to the window boxes wanting meal worms he knows I will bring some out.
Mockingbird waits for me to come outside and will follow me around the yard. He comes very close when I come on to the deck.
The Chick-a-dees also like the meal worms as do Blue Birds. I know last summer Blue Birds were across the street in the cemetary. I have read that if I continue to put meal worms out the Blue Birds will come to the feeders. I hope so. I will need to raise my own as I cannot afford meal worms for everyone.
Sigh ......
I like bugs just not sure I am ready to raise cricket larva. As it is I am feeding the meal worms on Tuesdays. They like carrots. So I will grow carrots for the meal worms. Carrots like tomatoes. That is good, I like tomotoes.
It gets complicated.
Mocking Bird sings and chases Starlings; Carolina Wren sings and is so very cute. Plus both of these birds are so photogenic! I keep telling my husband meal worms are a small price to pay.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
So nice to see you! These two birds have such a time of it. The Mocking Bird will chase the Wren away from the meal worms. Tea Kettle is not concerned. He waits until Mocking Bird has Starlings to chase and quickly goes into the meal worm feeder and sits in the little feeder. He eats as many as he wants. His mate comes up and they switch out! Mocking Bird does not see them! Also the wren "warms up" the meal worms so they are more active. In the cold I think many of the little worms are frozen in no time.
The birds do need the protein and I am happy to provide.
I take many pictures of these two charming birds. There are other birds that seem to know me but these two are unafraid and will come up very close, 2-3 feet.
They both are singers, helping me to remember to continue to sing my sacred song.
Bird songs,