Monday, February 05, 2007


I needed to slow down and spend some time with an icicle.
It teaches me to stop thinking. To respond rather than react.

It rebuilds my confidence. I am ready to go again.


Chrissie said...

These pictures are trully amazing. You must be a very patient person. I hope you had a flask with you :-)as well as your camera.

The French Nest said...

Stunning photography Q! We also have many icicles here in Canada hanging off of the houses and trees...don't they look like crystal prisms?

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I did have a cup tea as I watched the icicles. It has licorice root in it. I do enjoy a pot of Jasmine with licorice tea every afternoon.
I was so disappointed when I missed Cooper's Hawk this morning. Plus I had all these ideas on how the birds could "pose up" for my Valentine photo shoot and they did not cooperate!
I needed the icicles to help me relax and go with the flow, or in this case the slow drip.

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
The icicles are lovely. A joy of winter. They do look like crystal prisms. Yesterday the icicles shimmered blue!
Thank you for enjoying the photos. I was rather frustrated today.
From now on I will try not to expect the birds to pose for me. Although it would be a great shot if only the Doves were to sit just a wee bit closer together, and if the two Sparrows would snuggle up and if the Wrens would just look at each other! I would love male and female Cardinals to sit or stand together.
I have to give it up, or I will be back watching icicles again.
Birds will do as birds do.
Dreaming of a bird photo shoot.