Thursday, February 01, 2007

Click and sniff

I wish there was a way I could send along the sweet smell of Lilies, the fragrance of the paperwhites,
and the aroma of the passionflower.
I sit at my desk and watch the lilies open.
I close my eyes and smell Spring.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
In my deepest part of my spirit I am a plant person. I do love the birds and bugs and all the critters that call Earth home, but it is the plants that I seem to need about me. The flowers nourish me. During the growing season I can go to the gardens and cut my flowers for all the tables. Often in the winter I only have a few vases full. The lilies have been a delight. My husband was so kind to bring home so many.
The forced bulbs are coming along. I hope they will get me through to Spring with the florist flowers added in as needed.
Flowers, I do love the flowers.

Q said...

Dear Sprite!
Oh, what cheerful flowers the daisies are! I love them!
How very kind of your niece to send some to you. They make me smile just thinking about them.
As Winter finishes it is fitting Daisies would be in your home. They are the flower of the dryads! You are so special and creative.
Thank you!
Darling Daisies
Discover, Delight.
Dearest Daisies
Dance Devine!