Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Winter Sowing

I began winter sowing today. It is very simple. I use the plastic 12"x7"x5" containers our lettuce comes in from the grociery store.
I drill ventilation holes in the lids and drainage holes in the bottoms. I put 3" of potting soil in and water with warm water. Then I sow my seeds, add a top dressing of potting soil and water once again with warm water. I snap the lids on and mark the date of sowing and the variety of seed on a piece of foil tape I have put on the side of the containers.

Out to the deck they go. Today I sowed saved Lupine seed and saved Flander's Field Poppy seed. I will continue winter sowing until May. Last year I did 100 containers.

It is warm today.

Spring is trying to come.

The daffodiles are emerging.
I have lots to do.

I still will take time for the birds.


Q said...

I would be more than happy to tell more about winter sowing. It is so easy to do and for a few pennies anyone can have all the flats of flowers they would like!

Deb said...

What a fantastic post Q - I love lupins and poppies as well. Your garden will look amazing. How wonderful to be finding daffodiles emerging. Our weather is quite a bit warmer today and the snow is melting rapidly. The birds outside are singing again! Yeah.

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I do like being able to have all the plants I want from seed. I have two new varieties of Lupines I am wanting to grow. One is red the other a miniature. I am looking forward to wsing them. My afternoon delight today!
So glad you have warmed up. Hearing the birds is so joyful! Glad they are back after all your cold and snow.
It is way too early for daffodiles!
I know ice and snow came come any day. I guess Mother Nature knows best.